Brighton Recreational Centre

School Age Programs


GLEE CLUB                                                                       

Do you love to sing?  Come along to Glee Club where you will learn to perform contemporary pop and other songs in a supportive environment.  No experience necessary, all you need is a love of singing and a great attitude!

7-12 year olds                                                                                                 

Thursday 4.00pm from January 31

Fee: $140 10 x 1 hour sessions

Enquiries: Brighton Rec Centre – 9592 3033.                                                                                                     

Kids Magic Life Drumming Class

Kids Magic Life Drumming Class

Come and learn drum classes with one of the Magic Musicians from the Kids Magic Life Band.

You will learn Theory of Drumming, Reading, Interpretation, Rhythmic, singing groove and additionally ear training.
3-5 year olds
Tuesday- 11.00am-12.00pm from October 9

FEE: $360 6x60 minute sessions

Kids Magic Life create happy, positive, fun, inspiring books, programs, and live performances with original music for children.

Enquiries & bookings: Charise: 0415 373 996 |


Mindfulness and Meditation for kids

Through mindfulness practice your child will learn to be more present, have improved concentration, handle stress and anxiety, resolve conflicts, sleep better and become more emotionally intelligent giving them advantageous life skills very few children cultivate from a young age. 

7-12 year olds                                                                                             

Tuesday 4.45pm from February 5

Fee: $180 8 x 1 1/4 hour sessions

Enquiries: Angela, Be You Living –0421 283 586                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

BAM All Stars

BAM Allstars began in 2009, when I was looking for a dance class for my son, Buster, who has Down Syndrome.  Finding there was nothing suitable for his needs, I decided to get something started, and now, 7 years on, here we are - BAM Allstars All Abilities Inc.  We are not Down Syndrome specific - we are open to people of all abilities, and ages 2.5 right through to adults.  It is our mission to continue to grow and develop new creative and performing arts programmes for people with disabilities.  The work we do is a passion and a privilege -
Lisa Murphy, founder
We currently offer weekly "BAM Allstars" dance classes and "Allstars Drama" in a number of locations, with more classes and locations envisioned for the future.  We teach modern dance technique in a fun, welcoming environment, and we provide a social framework and sense of connection which promotes friendships and community involvement. 
We offer a free trial class, so feel free to come along and try us out!  Just call or email to book in.
Our 2017 programme -
Dance Classes for children, teens and adults:
Brighton on Wednesday (2 classes, ages 7 through to adult)
Brighton Rec Centre, 93 Outer Crescent
Term 3: 19th July - 20th September
2017 Fees: $130.00 per term, payable at start of term.   Casual rate of $15 per class.  
Contact Lisa on 0425 721 848 for all enquiries, or email

123 Yoga for Kids

A learning experience in which children gain the tools to build, develop and maintain a healthy body and happy mind. Each class weaves in specialised yoga, age-appropriate breathing exercises, healthy nutrition, empowerment techniques and relaxation.
123 yoga helps build strong, confident kids.

Primary school age - Wed 4.15-5pm

Fees: $15 per class (45 mins)

Bookings and enquiries: Trudie 0421 355 123

Angel Arts Classes  a unique Neuro-movement program for people with Disabilities.

Angel Arts Classes  a unique Neuro-movement program for people with Disabilities.

The program has many therapeutic elements and incorporates visual and performing arts practices which is used as a set of tools to engage students in a fun and co-operative group. This encompasses dance sequences, narratives, exploration of strengths and self-regulation. Using music and visual props supports the engagement of young people in artistic self - exploration providing a focus in relation movement and connection to self to others.

Neuro-movement Dance practices help people to be self- motivated and develop and explore their own creative impulses. It also encourages self-discipline by following directions for a series of movement patterns, directions and levels.  0419544216

Neuro-movement program for people with disabilities                                                                                                                                                                                                              

8-15 year olds (Junior)                                                                                  

Saturday 10.45am from February 2

16-23 year olds (Senior)                                                                                     

Saturday 11:30am from February 2

Enquiries: Cathy, Angel Arts - 0419 544 216     

Gymnastics Holiday Program

Looking for an active and exciting way to spend your holidays? Then why not give our gymnastics holiday program a try! Children will have the opportunity to develop existing skills as well as learn new and exciting skills. The children will use vault, bars, beams, floor, double and mini trampolines as well as rings. This program is aimed at primary school aged boys and girls (5 to 12 years) who already do gymnastics as well as those who are wanting to give it a try for the first time. All abilities will be catered for.

When: Monday January 21st through to Friday January 25th
From: 10am to 1pm each day
Cost: $40 per session (BRC Members $35)
Bookings online or at reception

Step 1: 2019 Enrolment Form

Step 2: 2019 Medical Form

Step 3: click here to complete the January Booking From

Please complete and return all three forms to or in person at the centre.

Important Information:

Children need to be dropped off and collected inside the building at the entry to the gym.

What to wear: Tight fitting clothing is best, such as leggings, shorts, singlet tops, t-shirts or even leotards. Please make sure that there are no buttons, zips or hoodies. Long hair should be tied back and all jewellery and watches removed.

What to bring:A full, named drink bottle and a fruit snack for break time. (No Nuts)

Gymnastics - Tumbling


Friday 5.00pm from Oct 12


Friday 6.00pm from Oct 12

Fee: $160  10 x 1 hour sessions

Click here to view our parent handbook



VCE  - Year 11&12

This class is designed to improve your aural expression and pronunciation by using all tenses including Si Clauses, range of grammar and vocabulary and learning idiomatic expressions. 

Thursday  4.00 & 5.00pm  from Oct 9 to Dec 22

Fee:  $363  10 x 1 hour sessions

Enquiries and Bookings:  Nathalie 0423 041 394


Code IT


Get your kids futureproof with Code-IT! computer coding courses and robotics workshops. Even if your child doesn’t follow a career in computers, coding will help develop their creativity, innovation and problem solving skills.  Classes are great fun and creative, and kids will learn the basics of game and app design. Laptops are provided, if your child does not have their own. 




Wednesday 4.00pm from Oct 11

Fee: $300 10 x 1  hour sessions


Enq & Bookings Richard 0474 512 492


School Holiday Program

A Fantastic School Holiday Program for 5-12 year olds run at the Brighton Rec Centre and includes Excursion days.

Important: If claiming benefits, please make sure your details are completely updated with MyGov and Centrelink before submitting a booking form to ensure you are charged the correct amount.


Click here to view the January School Holiday Program.

Step 1  - 
Click Here to download the 2019 Enrolment Form at any time.

Step 2  - Click here to complete the January School Holiday Program Booking Form.

--  Please ensure you send your form through to  -- 



 (Please return completed forms via email to


Week 1 - Wednesday 2nd January to Friday 4th January
Week 2 - Monday 7th January to Friday 11th January
Week 3 - Monday 14th January to Friday 18th January
Week 4 - Monday 21st January to Friday 25th January

Days that are booked out:
Tuesday 8th, Monday 14th, Wednesday 16th, Friday 18th, Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

$56.00 Centre Days
$70.00 Excursions/Incursions


Please Note: Every child participating in the holiday program will need to have a 2019 enrolment form completed.



How to Enrol

Step 1

An enrolment form must be completed and signed for each child.

The enrolment form will remain valid until the end of the
calendar year provided any changes to details are updated. 

The 2019 enrolment form can be downloaded here
but must be mailed/emailed/scanned or handed in to the Centre.

Step 2

In the lead up to each holiday period, the program and a 
booking form will be posted on this website.
The booking form can be downloaded, completed and
emailed back to the centre at


Children must have attended one term of Primary
School to Participate in the School Holiday Program.

The booking form cannot be processed unless
a signed enrolment form has already been lodged at the Centre. 

You will require the lastest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.




Please note: 
Certain foods are not permitted due to
staff and children having anaphylaxis,
these include the following:  
Nuts and Kiwi Fruit

If you have problems with the interactive form,
please save a completed copy to your desktop,
then attach to an email.  You can also send
a completed form on your Smartphones.

Bookings can only be made via email.
Phone or fax bookings will not be accepted. 
We will not accept email requests
as Booking Forms.
Please do not take a photo of your forms
and attach them to an email as they
become too pixelated and cannot be read.
Either scan, download or hand them into the Centre.

Once a child is booked into our School
Holiday Program, refunds for cancellations 
will only be issued upon the
presentation of a Medical Certificate.


Book early to avoid disappointment!!  

Contact the Centre on 9592 3033 if you have any queries.




Spanish for Children

 KiKa Spanish classes is dedicated to making Spanish simple and fun to learn providing well-structured lessons, within an atmosphere conducive to learning. 

3-5 year olds - Wednesday 3.45pm from January 30      
Fee: $220 10 x 30min sessions (inc. Audio CD)

Enquiries: Maria, Kika Languages –0468 325 097.




The ToyMaker

The ToyMaker

Learning old school skills in a new school world!

Boys and girls learn the basics of woodwork and sewing in a fun & creative environment as they make their own toys. Projects are designed to develop fine motor skills, planning, visualisation, problem solving, concentration and process flow. Children are properly shown how to use each tool and wood projects are all pre cut.

7-12 year olds

Thursday 4.00pm from April 20

Fee: $18 per lesson  9 x 45min sessions

Enquiries and bookings: Charlotte 0412 096 636



Bricks 4 Kidz

A highly popular children’s Edutainment program offering a unique, educational and fun experience using LEGO® Bricks, with exciting themes such as space, construction and gadgets and gizmos. The program provides an extraordinary atmosphere for students to build unique creations,designed to trigger young children’s lively imaginations and build their self-confidence.

Thursday 4.15pm from Oct 13

Fee: $17 per 1 hour class payable on a term basis        

Enq & Bookings: Mitchell 0418 170 190


Fencing For Kids

Musketeers minimum age 6

Great classes introducing the fun aspects of fencing will improve coordination, motor skill development as well as mental and tactical education. Using plastic foils, masks and chest protectors.

Wednesday 4.00pm from July 13

Fee: $75  8 x 45min sessions

Enq & Bookings: Chris 0409 013 171



Singing classes allowing children to express themselves through voice, songs, movement and singing games. Children will explore their voice, develop self confidence and experience the joy of singing.   7-12 Year Olds

Wednesday 4.00pm from April 26

Fee: $180 9 x 1 hour sessions

Enquiries and Bookings: Rachael 0416 967 880


Girls Beginner Gymnastics

Our Gymnastics program aims to provide children with skills through a variety of apparatus in a fun relaxed atmosphere, leading onto competition level if so desired. All children are registered with the peak body Gymnastics Victoria and these annual fees are in addition to class fees.


Beginners  5-7 years
Monday 4.00pm from Oct 8
Fee: $ 160  10  x 1 hour sessions
Tuesday 4.00pm from Oct 9
Fee: $ 144  9  x 1 hour sessions
Wednesday 4.00pm from Oct 10

Thursday 4.00pm from Oct 11
Friday 4.00pm from Oct 12
Fee: $ 160  10  x 1 hour sessions
Saturday 10.30am from Oct 13
Fee: $144  9 x 1 hour sessions

Beginners  6-8 years
Friday 5.00pm from Oct 12
Fee: $ 160  10  x 1 hour sessions

Beginners   8+ years
Tuesday 4:00pm from Oct 9
Fee: $144  9 x 1 hour sessions
Wednesday 5.00pm from Oct 10

Thursday 4.00pm from Oct 11
Fee: $ 160  10  x 1 hour sessions
Saturday 10.30am from Oct 13
Fee: $144  9 x 1 hour sessions

Beginners  10+ years
Wednesday 5.00pm from Oct 10
Fee: $ 160  10  x 1 hour sessions

What is a Beginners Gymnastics class at the Rec Centre like? 


Gymnastics Handbook

Girls Intermediate Gymnastics


Intermediate 6– 8 years
Monday 5.00pm from Oct 8
Fee: $217  10 x 1½  hour sessions
Tuesday 4.00pm from Oct 9
Fee: $195  9 x 1½  hour sessions
Thursday 5.00pm from Oct 11
Friday 4.00pm from Oct 12
Fee: $217  10 x 1½  hour sessions
Saturday 11.30am from Oct 13
Fee: $195  9 x 1½  hour sessions

Intermediate 7– 9 years
Tuesday 5.30pm from Oct 9
Friday 5.00pm from  Oct 12
Fee: $ 213  10  x 1½  hour sessions

Intermediate 9+ years 
Monday 6.30pm from Oct 8
Fee: $ 217  10 x 1½ hour sessions
Tuesday 6.30pm from Oct 9
Fee: $195  9 x 1½  hour sessions
Wednesday 6.00pm from Oct 10

Friday 5.30pm from Oct 12
Fee: $ 217  10 x 1½ hour sessions
Saturday 1.00pm from Oct 13
Fee: $195  9 x 1½  hour sessions

Gymnastics Handbook

Painting and Drawing


Learn the basic principles of drawing and painting whilst enjoying great topics in a fun atmosphere.  Materials list will be handed out first class.

7-12 year olds                                                                                                          

Tuesday 4.00pm from January 29

Friday 4.00pm from February 1

Fee: $204 10 x 1.5 hour sessions                                                                                                                                                                 

Enquiries: Brighton Rec Centre – 9592 3033.                                                          


Girls Advanced Gymnastics

Tuesday 6.30pm from Oct 9
Fee: $220  9 x 2 hour sessions
Wednesday 6.30pm from Oct 10

Thursday 6.30pm from Oct 11
Fee: $245 10 x 2 hour sessions
Saturday 1.00pmfrom Oct 13
Fee: $220  9 x 2 hour sessions

TaeKwonDo Self Defence



At Joon No's Taekwondo, the stream of Taekwondo we deliver is both a traditional art-form and modern Olympic sport. The global Taekwondo community boasts over 80 million practitioners in over 205 countries worldwide, making it the most practiced martial art in the world and the biggest sport, second only to FIFA Football.

In 1981 Grandmaster Joon No established Joon No's Taekwondo with a vision to impart the life-changing benefits that come with the practice of this traditional martial art. We are one of the longest running and most successful Taekwondo schools in Australia and pride ourselves on providing authentic teachings in a family-friendly environment. We believe martial arts training is invaluable as it not only encourages a healthy lifestyle and the learning of self-defence techniques but also promotes empowering life values and personal development.

Our mission for children and youth is to establish life champions by teaching the core values of respect, dedication, self-control, passion and positive outlook in an environment that is fun challenging and progressive.

Our mission for adults is to deliver effective physical workouts that will enhance fitness, teach self-defence techniques, and inspire a state of mental strength and energy. 

Our highly experienced instructors and refined learning syllabus ensures our Black Belts are some of the most knowledgeable and best trained in the industry. More importantly, graduates are fully accredited by the World Taekwondo Headquarters, which means achieving Black Belt with us is globally recognised.

Please email us at or call us on 0434 588 882 if you have any questions or would like more information.



Star [3-6 years]  - 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Solar [7-11 years] - 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Nebular & Galaxy [12+ years] - 6:30 - 7:30pm



Star [3-6 years]  - 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Solar [7-11 years] - 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Nebular & Galaxy [12+ years] - 6:30 - 7:30pm



Star & Solar [3-11 years] - 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Nebular & Galaxy [12+ years] - 2:00 - 3:00pm


Head Instructor: Grandmaster Joon No - 9th Dan Black Belt

Enquiries: 0434 588 882 /


Craft for Kids


Are you ready to glue, model, stitch, wrap & paint? Come and  learn all there is to know about the joy of crafting. All materials supplied.

7-12 Years

Monday 4.00pm from Feb 4
Fee: $136 8 x 1½ hour sessions               

Tutor: Sandra 




Creative Self Expression for Children

The Art2Heart Program is designed to introduce children to painting as a ‘process’ of exploration. When coming from a place of pure play, free of comparison and criticism, children create from the centre of their being with freedom and spontaneity. In a supportive atmosphere, children develop self awareness and a deeper connection to themselves as they explore their world & authentically manifest who they are.

5-12 year olds
Friday 4.00pm from February 8

Fee:  $180 8 x 1¼ hour sessions                                                                            

Enquiries: Angela, Be You Living –0421 283 586                                                                                                      


The Brighton Recreational Centre has a fantastic Gymnastics Program which aims to provide
children with gymnastic skills through a variety of apparatus in a fun relaxed atmosphere, leading onto competition level if so desired. All children are registered with the peak body Gymnastics Victoria and these annual fees are in addition to class fees.

Click here to view our parent handbook

Teenage Yoga


Teenage Yoga offers safe, healthy and fun classic yoga postures. Simple movements designed for all physical abilities to help improve flexibility and strengthen body and mind. This class will inspire and encourage teenagers who are new to yoga.

Teenage Yoga
13-19 year olds 

Saturday 10.45am from February 2

Fee: $140 10 x 1 hour sessions                                                                                             

Enquiries: Brighton Rec Centre – 9592 3033.                                                        


Gymnastics for Boys

Beginners  minimum age 6

Thursday 5.00pm from Oct 11

Fee: $160  10 x 1 hour sessions


Thursday 6.00pm from Oct 11

Fee: $212  10  x 1.5 hour sessions


Pottery for Children


A fun hands on introduction to clay and pottery making techniques.  This course includes clay modeling, hand-building, wheel work, decorating and glazing. With a comprehensive range of clays, glazes, underglazes and firings to earthenware temperatures, ensure an exciting and practical experience for all.

7-12 year olds           

Monday 4.00pm from February 4

Fee:  $180 8 x 1.5 hour sessions                                                             

Wednesday 4.00pm from January 30

Thursday 4.00pm from January 31

Fee:  $225 10 x 1.5 hour sessions                                                             

Enquiries: Brighton Rec Centre – 9592 3033.