Brighton Recreational Centre



Hatha Yoga classes are a blend of ancient and modern systems of personal development. Awareness is enhanced on many levels through both passive and dynamic movement routines, postures, awareness of breath and relaxation. Individual supervision and posture modification ensure classes are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Please bring a blanket to class.

For casual classes, please phone ahead to ensure a spot. Casual prices are $16 during the week and $18 on weekends.

Monday 9.30am (Beg/Int) from July 16
Tuesday 6.30pm (Beg/Int) from July 17

Wednesday 6.30  (Beg/Int) from July 18

Thursday 9.30  (Beg/Int) from July 19
Fee: $ 136  10 x 1 hour sessions
Saturday 9.00am (Beg/Int) from July 21
Fee: $ 133  9 x 1½ hour sessions
Tutors: Norma , Jan  Vera  &  Bronwyn