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Self Defence Classes

Self Defence for Women and Men


Self-defence based on the basic fundamentals of Bujinkan Martial Arts optimises the concept of self-protection through martial training. This Martial Art deals with not only the protection of the physical body, but of the mind and spirit as well. It does not rely on speed, power, strength or techniques, but develops a way of moving that allows the practitioner to prevail. It is therefore highly effective for women and people of all ages and abilities.


Classes are run by 8th Dan Sensei Rachel Wellington who has been training in Martial Arts for the past 10 years. Sensei Rachel has travelled to Japan on multiple occasions to train with Hatsumi Sensei and the top Japanese instructors. Since 2010 Sensei Rachel has been a senior instructor at Bujinkan Ninjutsu Melbourne Dojos headed by 15th Dan Shihan Matthew Weygood.


Cost $20 per lesson for Members.

Every Tuesday Night 7:45pm till 9:15pm


Free Introduction Lesson.

Matthew Weygood | Master Instructor

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